Top Christmas Tips – Workplace Happiness

Posted: 22nd November 2018

Top Christmas Tips – Workplace Happiness

How can small businesses spread the joy of happiness amongst their teams this Christmas?

I hope you will find the following ideas give you and your people plenty of seasonal cheer and happiness!

  • Aim to listen more than you talk, to keep staff engaged and motivated
  • Set a team-based challenge, possibly linked to helping a local charity
  • Promote flexible hours to help with seasonal preparations
  • Legitimise quality thinking time, downtime and creative time (device free)
  • Give individuals autonomy and empowerment to go forth and delight customers
  • Relax a few rules here and there, perhaps the dress code?
  • Encourage kindness such as five minute favours (rather than Secret Santa!)
  • Cultivate optimism and glass half full attitudes, through leading by example

Needless to say, you may need to adapt and flex these ideas a little to fit within the operational requirements of your own business. Whatever you decide, I hope you have a happy and fulfilling time!