WiRE Conference 2018 – Fabulous Feedback

Posted: 9th May 2018

WiRE Conference 2018 – Fabulous Feedback

1. Have you made any changes to your bsiness as a result of attending the conference?

Within the week following the conference 70% of delegates had made changes to their business.

Quote from the narrative:

“Several changes to my day to day business after attending Alice Jennings workshop. I have thought about strategic changes due to the main speakers and also implemented some of the steps in the sales workshop when talking to potential clients over the phone.”

2. How did you feel when you left?

“Upbeat and refocuesed on my business. It gave me space to think about the business away from it and to tell myself some home truths”.

“motivated and ready to take my business into the next step”

Quotes from delegates

WIRE is a fabulous opportunity to meet fabulous women striving with their own businesses in a friendly warm and inclusive environment.

Sue…Sue Tonks, HydroVeg Kits, www.hydroveg.co.uk

My business had grown and prospered as a result of my membership of WiRE. I loved the concept and the values of WiRE so much that I became a network leader and it;s been my privilege to see other female business owners grow in confidence and develop skills through attending meetings and receiving support. The framework that the national WiRE organisation has established makes it easy to run a welcoming and supportive network. Thank you for being here WiRE.

Elaine Pritchard, Caittom Publishing Limited, www.caittompublishing.co.uk

WiRE is a great safe place to try things aout, share ideas, get support. Its an excellent critical friend. There is a warm and friendly loyalty we feel in our groups and we try to do business together. WiRE makes us realise that we are ‘a thing’ worthy of respect and our critical and vital part in the rural economy.

Sue Prince www.sueprinceartist.co.uk www.beechenhill.co.uk

WiRE is a fantastic community of supportive women; being part of WiRE for the past 2 1/2 years has helped me to grow in confidence and to grow my business, and not least, to grow friendships.

 Linda Clark www.houseofcolour.co.uk/lindaclark

I have attended many women in business conferences in my time and have been invited to speak at many also. WIRE is one of the most positive and energising experiences to date and I am delighted I was invited to be a part of it.

 Katie Day www.rdp-int.com

I love the Wire conference its a positive day in the whole of my year. Mixing with other fellow attendees and naturally making contacts and friends. Realistic and uplifting key speakers. Love Wire and especially love the Wire conference

Romella Smith  www.romella.co.uk

The ladies I have met have been very supportive

Linda Seymour www.indigenoustree.com


Membership of WiRE and now leading a local group has been transformational for my business and for my personal confidence.

Claire McFadden www.fullsquare.net

I find the energy and enthusiasm within WiRE infectious. It gives me the confidence to push my business further and be really proud to work in a rural environment!

Angela Bowcock Cheshire Farmart www.cheshirefarmart.com

I’ve been a WiRE Member since 2012, and Network Leader since 2015. WiRE has helped me to grow in confidence, which has helped my business. Thank you!

Cheryl Turner, Tao Business Solutions www.taobusinesssolutions.co.uk