Rural Digital Use Survey

Posted: 25th July 2017

RuralEnglandPlease take part and complete this Digital Survey from Rural England CIC, it’s aimed at businesses operating in rural areas.

Digital connectivity, mobile working, Skype meetings, e-commerce and so on are becoming ever more important for business efficiency, productivity and growth. Rural England CIC is undertaking a commissioned research project on Unlocking the Digital Potential of the UK’s Rural Areas.

A key part of it is an online survey aimed at business owners, directors and managers.  It explores how rural-based businesses currently use digital connectivity and technology, how important it is to their business model, what constraints slow their digital uptake and what benefits might accrue if such constraints were overcome.

Rural England CiC is aiming to reache as many rural based business owners, directors and managers as possible from across the UK.

“We want to hear from businesses in all sectors (from farms, to retail, to tech companies), of all sizes (from sole traders to large enterprises), of all types (from PLCs to social enterprises)  and of all ages (from start-ups to long-established firms).  However much they do (or don’t) make use of digital connectivity and technologies. If would be terrific is you could use whatever means (email groups, newsletters, business networks, social media, etc) you think appropriate.  We already have the All Party Parliamentary Group for Rural Businesses interested in hearing about the survey and research results.

The Survey Link is here.

Survey responses will be accepted up until Friday 1st September.

Businesses can be assured that their responses will be considered confidential by the research team and they don’t have to complete questions which would identify them. Rural England CIC is undertaking this research in collaboration with Scotland’s Rural College and with funding received from Amazon UK.