WiRE Conference 2017 – Seminars

Posted: 3rd March 2017

BookButtonemma cox speakingSEMINAR  10.00 am The Power of you – The Power of the network 

Emma Cox: Cox Consultancy

We don’t have to tell you that networking is great; for business, for confidence and for support. But it takes time and while it should be enjoyable, it’s not just a social occasion. To get the best results from your networking efforts and from the contacts you make, it’s important to approach networking strategically. This interactive workshop will talk and walk you through the steps you need for a networking plan to help you: build a tribe, identify your strengths and use them to connect and make relationships, how to find, connect and leverage your business network.

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Phillipa Davies

Seminar 11.15am The Power of you – Building your story

Philippa Davies: Business Writing School

Writers today need to be multimedia creators, as able to craft a podcast, video or blog post as you can a press release. Writing skills are often overlooked in business – but they can help you woo customers, inspire staff, create meaning and sign-off deals. Writing has its own psychology. It can make us feel happy or sad, terrified or reassured, and cause us to click on impulse, perhaps with regret, later. How this works is endlessly fascinating and this lively seminar will help you find your unique voice, connect with others and write what people crave to consume.

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1450355459-julie-dodsworth1Seminar 12.15am The Power of you – Opening Doors

Julie Dodsworth: Julie Dodsworth Designs

In this session Julie shares what she learnt during the journey of launching her homeware business against all the odds. Julie loves to share the fantastic advice she was given along the way and knowing that persistence was her friend  She believes that with a few simple strategies and techniques, all women business can find their inner ‘sell’  and be your own best advert. She will help you overcome the stumbling blocks you have about picking up the phone  by developing a little self belief in you and your products.

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Spotlight Seminar 2.15pm The Power of you – I CAN do it

  • Sometimes all we need is a little bit of information – just to get us past the post.
  • We don’t have time to sit through a day-long seminar or 50 different You Tube video’s
  • We just need a quick answer, a hint, a tip, a hand over the hurdle
  • We just need to know how to do it – now!

This interactive and lively session features four experts; who will each give 15 minutes’ worth of intensive knowledge and tips. The experts will only skirt the surface of the topic but you will pick up insider information so that you CAN do it, these experts will show you how.

Claire MLOOK AT ME – You and your business image with Claire Meldrum from Claire Meldrum Photography

How to make yourself and your  product images stand out. This session will give you insider photographer tips about light, style and positioning. You will learn how to capture your personality in your profile picture and what sort of product images are universally loved. You’ll also learn when it’s best to throw in the towel and turn to the experts; and crucially to find the best one for you.

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katy-carlisle-profile-pictureREAD ME – How to write attention grabbing headers with Katy Carlisle from The Wheel Exists

How do you make your content stand out in a crowded market? This session will include techniques to make your headlines work for you, plus free tools and resources to massively enhance your impact. It’s a whistle-stop tour of the theory behind attention-grabbing headlines with some examples and an overview of resources and practical action steps you can take.

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louise-welsbySELL ME – The power of the picture with Louise Welsby from Buy-From Shropshire

Words will always matter but increasingly it’s images that entice customers and these images can sell both products and services. This session covers how to embrace image based technologies like Pinterest and Instagram to boost and grow your business. Learn how to create an image based platform that isn’t just a “pretty picture” but a powerful sales message and how to unpick the language and etiquette around  these technologies ( # & @).

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Purfestly-198x300WATCH ME – Capturing the moving image for business success with Naomi Johnson from Purrfectly Social

We all know that YouTube is the worlds’ second biggest search engine and that posts or blogs with video are more likely to be opened and liked. Customers turn to video for information and support and increasingly to buy. This session will examine the different sorts of moving images and video that you can use: animation, talking heads, slides or something completely different. It will look at how to make a great video, where and how to post, what works best, and how to find somebody to do it for you (if your production skills are failing you).

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