Germinate start-up course in Worcestershire

Posted: 28th November 2016


Have you thought of running your own business, but not been sure how to go about it?germinate

New Course in Worcestershire, starting on Thursday 9th February from 3.00 to The Den, Stanford Bridge, WR6 6SP

Germinate Enterprise is a course for anyone of any age who wants to think about setting up their own business. You might be someone who has been out of the workplace and looking to run your own business as a flexible way back into work. You might be a farmer wanting to diversify your existing business and add another income stream. You might be a retired person looking to add to your pension. You might be wondering if your own business might give you more flexibility and a better work/life balance. You might be….. almost anyone with an idea that might work.

Developed by Jerry Marshall and others, Jerry is CEO of Germinate: Arthur Rank Centre. Germinate Enterprise is a succinct step by step guide to setting up your own business. Jerry describes himself as an entrepreneur. He has set up several successful businesses in the UK, the Middle East and Africa. This course draws on his experience of developing businesses in rural areas to alleviate poverty. More information about the course 

Run by Teme Valley South Churches, it is part of the churches’ service to the community. It will be delivered by Celia Adams, Chartered Accountant and Turnaround Director (with support from Robert Barlow, the vicar). It will be at The Den, Stanford Bridge, WR6 6SP. It starts on Thursday 9th February from 3.00 to 5.00. The following five sessions will be on the subsequent Thursdays.

Costs for participants will be limited to the Den’s charge for coffee/tea and cake (£4.95 plus a small contribution for the cost of their room). Participants will also need a workbook, electronic version is free or £5.00 for a hard copy. Booking is essential as places are limited. Please book by emailing