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WiRE Networking captured on video

By WiRE Team

Posted: 24th October 2016

Catch up with WiRE Sussex in this LIVE Video

Are you up for The Rubbish Diet?

By WiRE Team

Posted: 19th October 2016

Karen Cannard is the co-founder of The Rubbish Diet Challenge, the UK’s slimming club for bins, which inspires and motivates people to fast-track their waste reduction at home.  Most people…

Women’s Business Council Progress Report 2016

By WiRE Team

Posted: 18th October 2016

The Women’s Business Council Progress Report 2016 outlines a new look Council and new strategies for changing business culture. This report from the Women’s Business Council builds on their previous…

Rural Innovation Show – Free Tickets!

By WiRE Team

Posted: 17th October 2016

Tickets are now available for the The Farm Business Innovation Show. 7,500 Visitors    350 Suppliers     150+ Seminars   The show is designed to offer inspiration, ideas and expertise to help you make your…

Women in Farming Events in Yorkshire

By WiRE Team

Posted: 3rd October 2016

Yorkshire Rural Support Network The Yorkshire Rural Support Network is a partnership of Yorkshire statutory and voluntary agencies that together promote and provide sources of help – whether practical, financial,…