Tip the Board

Posted: 13th April 2016

IslaHave you ever considered whether you could apply your skills and experience to working as a non-executive or Trustee on the board? This year Ruby Star Associates are running Tip The Board, a campaign to improve the diversity of people who serve on boards in the UK.

Every day decisions affecting millions of people in the UK (including lots of vulnerable people) are made by the boards of charities, social enterprises and companies. Diverse boards make better decision, are more innovative and create healthier organisations but in the UK boards aren’t diverse enough.

Through Tip the Board we are aiming to provide people with information about what is involved in voluntary or paid board roles so they can see if they might be interested in getting involved. We also offer practical support, for example we can help you board-ify your CV or application to make the most of your experience.

Please feel free to contact us on hello@tiptheboard.com or find us at www.tiptheboard.com or on facebook.



Diverse boards perform better. Diverse boards perform better financially. Diverse boards demonstrate greater collaboration, higher levels of constructive challenge and work through conflict more effectively.

High performing boards know that diversity isn’t about tokenism, it’s about bringing together great people with diverse perspectives. But a lack of diversity on a board can discourage people from applying for a role on that board, and a lack of role models can impact how people view their options.

Sometimes the world of board membership can seem opaque, even a bit murky. The ultimate old-boys’ club. We’d like to shine some light into board rooms; explain what is involved in board membership, explore the rewards of board membership and maybe inspire some people to get more involved.

If you do want to get involved we’ll provide free support to help you find the right opportunities for you – from involvement in local community or charity groups or school governance, through the spectrum to paid non-executive roles or public appointments.

Our aim is to improve the diversity on boards by expanding the range of people who consider and apply for board roles, not through tokenism or quotas.