WiRE Conference 2016 – Seminars

Posted: 1st March 2016

Aly HarroldAly Harrold: Alyharrold.co.ukBook Here

SEMINAR  10.15am Take the stage – public speaking for the mildly terrified (See Aly in action here)

* Does the idea of speaking in public make you anxious just thinking about it?

* If opportunities turn up to share your message from a stage, do you turn them down?

* Are you living in hope that you can build your business from behind your laptop? (But deep down you know you will never get as far as you really want if you don’t tackle this public speaking thing).

Whether you are a nervous public speaker, or you just want to improve what you already do. In this seminar you will learn the secrets of how to control those horrible symptoms of nerves before you speak, the sweaty palms, the pounding heart, the dry mouth, or simply increase the volume at which you speak.

Our nerves are beneficial to us as speakers if we know how to harness them positively. So, if you are one of those people who has believed public speaking can be avoided and left to those who can do it well, it’s time to think again. Public Speaking is an art, an art you can learn, controlling those nerves and that ‘monkey mind’ will open the doors for you to a world that can give you great influence and elevate you and your business. This will be an interactive and fun session guaranteed to heighten your desire to get out there and share your message.

About Aly:

Aly has a real driving passion to enable entrepreneurial business women to find their voice and deliver their message in an engaging empowering way. One of the first and biggest problems potential speakers experience is how to harness their nervous energy positively.   Aly’s approach is unique in that she aims to connect the speaker to the power within their own voice. This is their own innate vocal power, unique to each individual and is what sets us apart as speakers. The voice is like our fingerprints exclusive to us individually in every way. Public speaking is far more than just delivering a talk or presentation. It requires a speaker to be really connected and resonant. This in itself helps to calm nerves and keeps the speaker in control but also fully connected to the audience.

Aly has a back ground in vocal stage performance and recording, singing professionally for many years and as a music publisher and songwriter. She works with clients to allow their own personal and individual qualities to shine. In Aly’s words: “I consider it a great honour to be in a position to inspire more women to stand up to speak. They come to understand and realise that being an excellent speaker elevates them above their competition and in the eyes of their peers and associates. It is always my intention to give you, the client not only the result you desire but much more besides. It is indeed a voyage of discovery learning, creativity and fun! AND a crucial skill for all business”

HelgaHHelga Henry Director, Creative Shift at Birmingham Hippodrome

SEMINAR 2.45pm: Shout about success – don’t let The Imposter Syndrome hold you back

Too many women suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’. If women could learn real confidence, raise their profile, banish fear and work just beyond their reach, think what a difference it will make to the working world.

Helga encourages people to take issue with their impostor feelings and argue the other side on your own behalf; even just writing a guilty secret down makes you feel a little better. One way to loosen the grip of the Impostor Syndrome is to face your fears head on – but in private and only on paper. Then rather than drown in a sea of self-criticism, marshal your thoughts and start to fight back. Give your inner critic a run for his or her money and “give good argument”.

About Helga:

Fiercely intelligent, pathologically helpful, interested and interesting – Helga is a consultant whose professional approach is powered by the desire to make a practical difference in people’s lives and to enjoy the process of making that difference.

Her approach is based on the many lessons she has learned from her truly diverse range of experiences. Originally a student of French and Drama, her 25 year career has seen her work in the arts in a range of management roles as well as 8 years as a corporate lawyer working with blue chip companies such as British Airways, the RAC, Novartis and BT Fleet.

It is this rich mix of corporate and cultural organisational experience, coupled with a profound commitment to unleashing the talent and potential in people and their businesses, that makes her (and Creative Shift’s) work with companies and individuals so effective. As well as intellectual rigor and management theory, she brings to her work a high level of empathy and understanding of individual motivation. By discovering and harnessing what drives people to succeed, she unleashes talent in a way that works for them and their businesses.