WiRE Conference 2016 – The foundations of good business

Posted: 9th February 2016

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This year, the WiRE conference is revisiting the skills that you need in business. No matter how digital the world becomes, the foundations of good business haven’t changed very much over the years, just the tools we use. Social Media and the Internet has revolutionised the way we interact and how our businesses look, but the basic principles remain the same. Not so much old school rather revision academy; the WiRE Conference 2016 is a chance to make sure you are a confident and well prepared business-woman and ensure that your business can grow with firm foundations.

Featuring Seminars, Workshops and Inspirational Speakers + lots for networking and a fabulous locally sourced lunch. Keep an eye on this page as we fill in the gaps over the next few weeks but as a taster, here are the topics for seminars and workshops:

  • Take the stage public speaking skills for the mildly terrified         
  • Shout about success – don’t let The Imposter Syndrome hold you back
  • Writing great content – unleash your inner JK Rowling or Joanna Trollope, and let her loose on your business story
  • People buy people – the art of selling yourself, without selling your soul
  • Getting to know you – do you really know your customer?
  • You say it best, when you say nothing at all – never underestimate the importance of body language
  • Pension Pop Up – everything you ever wanted to know about how pension rules impact women in business

We’ll be adding speaker biographies and workshop content soon but (if you trust us) you can book your ticket now. Just £50 for WiRE members (remember to log in) and £75 for non members (if you join WiRE you benefit from the lower price and benefit from a whole year of WiRE networking and support)