Digital Workshops for women in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

Posted: 29th December 2015

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Herefordshire Events and Booking

FREE Workshops for women running or hoping to run a business in Herefordshire or Gloucestershire and is offered by WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) under the Faster Women initiative funded by the Government Equalities Office.  

The aim is to help women develop the digital and internet skills required to set-up and develop their businesses so make sure you benefit from this fantastic opportunity by booking straight away and also sharing with anyone you think might be interested….. 

Says Alice Jennings – the main trainer for the Fastershire Project

“One of the ladies who attended a few of my course said that the Seo course meant that she is now on the first page of Google. I asked her if she would mind writing a testimonial and she has been good enough to do so. See below! I think it shows the value of these sessions.”

I attended WiRE events, because I felt overwhelmed with updating my online business profile and found that my time online was not producing any results.

The WiRE initiative enabled me to attend events for free and provided me with personalised advice, as well as, fantastic networking opportunities.

As a result of WiRE’s courses, my business can finally be found on the front page of Google, I receive more engagement from the public in response to my social media and I feel that my business can now continue to grow with a clear strategy. I particularly liked the atmosphere and informality of the courses, which helped me feel at ease and hence, I could fully engage. I would recommend WiRE events to women of all online competency, as the advice is tailored to you and your business.

You will also be happy to know that I came away from your session, ‘Using Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Performance’, really motivated and have already implemented the advice into my business, giving me a sense of calm and organisation which I really value!

Janina Neumann

14 Feb 2016