New TV programme looking to feature Start-up Businesses

Posted: 22nd September 2015

Pi Productions, the new company of John Silver, who created Grand Designs and reinvented MasterChef are making a potential new documentary series for a major broadcaster that follows people as they start up their own business.

We are looking for people who are making a major life change and are at the beginning of their journey. Perhaps they are quitting a secure 9-5 job or returning to work post redundancy or after a long break. Perhaps they have been dreaming of being their own boss and running their own show for years. We are looking for people with big dreams and great ideas; perhaps they want to open a shop or café, or plan to start a housecleaning or painting-decorating company.  They will be making major personal and financial investments into their ideas and will likely have a great deal to lose, but also much to gain.

The tone of the series will be aspirational and positive and we believe this will be a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and tell the story of their new business.

We are particularly keen to feature an individual or individuals starting a B & B business.