Looking for Young British Villager of the Year

Posted: 28th September 2015

BiTC are working with Country Living magazine on developing a series of potential features called ‘Young British Villager of the Year’. This feature is aimed to show vibrant rural life and help to celebrate the wide range of people living in the countryside as an alternative to the considerable media focus given to the ageing rural population.

Country Living is looking for people who have done something to bring together or support their community, improve resources or add benefit to village life. We would really like to be able to showcase some of the projects we have supported as well as the great organisations and communities we work with. Can you help?

We’re open to suggestions from your project, but we’re looking for aspirational and inspirational people who are actively making life in the countryside better. They may volunteer in the village shop, they might help transport the elderly to local services, help deliver firewood to the isolated or volunteer with the Mountain Rescue or Lifeboat Association. Perhaps they have an interesting farm diversification business? Maybe they work to repair or restore the fabric of the countryside by traditional crafts?

If you have someone to nominate, please send us a few paragraphs about your impressive young villagers and we will share your nominations with Country Living.


Just a few lines to us can help us all celebrate the young people who are looking after our countryside. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

With best wishes,