It’s in the bag

Posted: 8th September 2015

HandbagsIt’s in the bag!

Do you know, I ought to have biceps the size of an Olympic weight-lifter… Not because I exercise like a demon every day – ha ha! – but because I carry a handbag! But it’s not just a handbag.

It’s actually a Tardis.

Yes, whatever situation I find myself in, and no matter what I need, it’s sure to be there somewhere in the depths of my trusty bag. Face wipes, emergency biscuits, headache tablets, safety pins – think Mary Poppins, and you’ll get the idea!

Of course, there are also all the essentials in there like my purse, my smartphone, my sunglasses and my make-up bag. And I know I’m not alone! All my friends are in exactly the same position – but have you ever thought about just how much all that “stuff” adds up to in value?

A survey has shown that some women are stashing thousands of pounds worth of items in their handbags, particularly when you factor in gadgets, accessories and expensive make-up. But the research also showed that hardly any women who were questioned actually had any insurance cover for their bag.

Would it be covered by your home contents insurance?

Given that we’re all carrying around the essentials that keep our work lives and home lives going (and our families’ lives too!), doesn’t it make sense to protect them?

Gadgets, bank cards, home and car keys – think about it, we’d all be pretty lost without them. The best thing to do is check which items are covered on your home contents insurance policy and whether the cover allows for your possessions to be taken out of the house.

Of course, the simplest thing would be to clear out the murky corners of my favourite bag and travel light, only carrying the absolute essentials with me. But how can I do that? That last remaining sticky cough sweet covered in fluff may just come in useful some time, I’m sure of it!