National Superfast Broadband Campaign

Posted: 10th February 2015

The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) has launched the national superfast broadband campaign.  This campaign will include national TV advertisements supported by posters, radio and digital activity. As part of the campaign there is also a national website: which incorporates a postcode checker that can be used to see if fibre broadband is available. The website will also signpost people to their local broadband project website for more information.

Superfast Staffordshire is one of 44 local broadband programmes supported by DCMS.  Together the projects have already passed 1.5 million premises and it is anticipated that this figure will reach 2 million by February.

 The government know that there are many consumers and small businesses who do not know the benefits of superfast broadband, whether it is available in their area, or what they need to do to take up a service.  This is why the government is implementing a national superfast broadband campaign and in this way they will also be supporting the work already under way in each of the 44 local projects.