A taste of the exotic

Posted: 11th February 2015

Wonjo_002_sWiRE Member Eliza Jones offers a taste of the exotic with “Wonjo Hibiscus”

Are you looking for a refreshing soft drink with a taste of the exotic?  That tastes good without overdosing you on sugar?   That also has health benefits which will do your body good?

Wonjo Hibiscus ticks all those boxes and is available locally in Essex and via the website www.chosan.co.uk

The recently rebranded Wonjo Hibiscus is a refreshing soft drink made from the Hibiscus flower; providing you with an authentic taste of the exotic and a reminder of holidays gone by.

Wonjo Hibiscus is also known as Sorrel, a traditional Caribbean drink, and as Karkade, a traditional Egyptian drink. The eye catching labels of the five Wonjo Hibiscus flavours are authentic to the origin of these tasty yet healthy soft drinks.

The versatile drink made from 100% natural ingredients and free from additives and preservatives, can be drunk straight from the bottle or used as a delicious mixer for your favourite alcoholic beverage.  Gently heated up, Wonjo with Warming Spices makes a delicious winter warmer, just like a non alcoholic mulled wine.

Wonjo Hibiscus is available in five refreshing flavours; Original, Root Ginger, Warming Spices, Essex Apple and Moroccan Mint.

Wonjo Hibiscus is manufactured by Chosan, a producer of exotic soft drinks made from 100% natural ingredients.

About the producer Chosan

“Chosan” means cultural heritage in the Wolof language spoken in The Gambia and Senegal. We reflect this African heritage through our range of drinks and food products, all of which use fruits and plants indigenous to the continent. We aim to become a social enterprise, promoting the availability of natural, healthy drinks and food products from Africa, using locally grown fruits and plants and reinvesting profits in technologies which can help increase incomes and improve the quality of life of local food producers.

Contact Details

For more information please contact Eliza Jones on 07951 113143 or eliza.jones@chosan.co.uk. Alternatively visit www.chosan.co.uk