TV production company looking for historic houses to film

Posted: 23rd January 2015

We are making a brand new series for Channel 4. Betty are the makers of programmes such as ‘Country House Rescue’ and ‘Shopgirls: The True Story of Life Behind the Counter’. We are interested in getting in touch with owners of beautiful period houses across Britain.

Part of the series will explore the effort it takes to manage a stately home and how historic houses, sometimes hundreds of years old, adapt to modern living. We want to have a closer look at what it takes to maintain these unique and wonderful buildings, often without the staff they once had; to tell the story of the inner-workings of historic houses and how it has changed over the years.

Perhaps your house has been in the family for generations, has amassed a huge hoard of possessions and the mammoth task of running the home has fallen on your shoulders – does it sometimes feels like the house is controlling you, not the other way round? Or maybe you always dreamed of owning a mansion and the reality is far harder than you thought?

Do you sometimes feel daunted by the challenge of its daily upkeep? Are there more wall hangings than hours in the day to dust them? Perhaps simply keeping on top of maintaining the building prohibits you from keeping across the enormous chore of cleaning it as often as you’d like, meaning some parts of the house have seen better days?

Are there moments you feel you’d like to click your fingers and have the help of super keen cleaners and eager organisers, who like nothing better than an epic housekeeping challenge?

If it’s time you enjoyed some of the rooms that you haven’t enjoyed for a while or you’d like to put your magnificent historic house back on the map, please get in touch to find out more about this project on 020 7290 0663 or email us at