The WiRE Way – how to improve traffic to your website.

Posted: 29th January 2015

Thanks to Alison Chester-Lambert for taking the time to work all this out – yet another compelling reason why WiRE Membership (at just £50) is a great investment.

Yesterday at the Women and Broadband Challenge Workshop,  we learned that one of the best contributions to improved Search Engine Optimisation was a link from a major web site TO yours.  It outweighs loads of other things. So I went back to the statistics for my website after I wrote my marketplace page on the national WiRE website. (When you join WiRE you get a page where you talk about yourself and post the link to your website.) This counts as a link on a reputable website.

And just look at the difference!
In June 2014, before I joined WiRE and posted that link, I had 593 Unique visitors. Then in July, after I had joined and written up my page and put the link on the WiRE web site, I had 748 Unique visitors! AND note that during that same period the impressions (repeat visits) went DOWN. (From 6707 to 5921) So it wasn’t my usual visitors that made the difference. Here are the print screens to prove it.

For £50 a year, you are getting one of the BEST boosts to your website possible. AND there are the other benefits too! About time to join WiRE?