Free workshop for Creative Businesses

Posted: 12th January 2015

Free two-day workshop to identify opportunities for growth and to build a plan for action. Developed specifically to meet the needs of creative businesses our Visioning workshops help participants to prioritise and balance their commitments as well as planning how to get the best from their practice. Booking and more information HERE

By creating a narrative, you map your business network, explore value and identify key opportunities for change.

The workshops include:

  • A unique network wheel – helping you to identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses
  • An exploration of how you add value currently and potential areas to add value in the future
  • An action timeline providing a guide for development
  • Challenging activities to provoke thoughts and effect real change
  • Discussing issues with like-minded companies to find commonalities as well as solutions to problems

Previous participants on the Interiors & Lifestyle Futures programme are from sectors including: leather, ceramics, glass, textiles, homewares, jewellery, artworks, lighting, interior architecture, furniture, fashion,  interiors or lifestyle management consultancy, sports & leisure goods and media.