Meeting Up with our Network Leaders

Posted: 9th June 2011

Had a great meeting in Hatfield last week with our Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex Network leaders, we discussed what ‘s going well in their network groups. Colchester Network meet regularly for a meal and discuss their businesses they have got to know each other really well over the years, their businesses have grown and they have been able to share each others journey. The Hertfordshire Network has grown since we last met and now meets in Letchworth Arts Centre each month, Jen has support from members of the group to organise the meetings and sends out a newsletter each month, which helps to share information within the group. We heard how plans were going for the regional WiRE event that Bedfordshire Network are organising.  They have a conference organising group which 10 members have volunteered to be on. It was great to meet Cecilia Holden who is part of the organising group and came  along to our meeting to find out more about WiRE.  Babs showed us the event branding which a member had designed which looks great, we’re all really excited and can’t wait to hear more about the event as it evolves.

We also had a look at the WiRE website as Network leaders have access to update the network web pages and their own resources area where they can download useful resources to help them with the network.

We also discussed the new changes to business support and the role of LEP’s (Local Enterprise Partnerships) as knowledge is power and we want to makeshire all our Network Leaders and members have an understanding of the changes so they can come up with ways to adapt and make the most of things.

Looking forward to meeting more of our fantastic Network Leaders in Bury St Edmunds next week.

Hatfield Network Leader Meeting 2 June 2011

Hatfield Network Leader Meeting 2 June 2011