A Bit of a Do

Posted: 10th December 2010

Organise ‘Abit of a Do’ to celebrate the amazing things that women do around the globe and help Oxfam raise funds for millions living in an unfair world.

Oxfam is committed to a world where women and girls together can achieve their individual and collective potential. All across the world Oxfam is working with women to help them have something to celebrate, even in the harshest of environments.

To help you make your celebration the best it can be Oxfam will provide you with all of the support you could need – from party ideas, to discussion topics, from simple recipes to complex cocktails.

Oxfam know the obstacles facing women around the world, and know that there is a long way to go before every woman can join this celebration. That’s why, as part of your get-together, they want you to raise much needed funds. The easiest way is to include an on-line giving page with your invites, don’t worry they’ll provide you with the details on how to do this.

Every penny raised will go to their work with women like Emilina, Karo, and millions of other women across the globe who need our help and support. Together we will empower more women to escape poverty and overcome adversity. With over 1000 women a day dying through maternal health issues and 40,000,000 girls not having the opportunity to go to school we know you’ll agree that it is a worthwhile cause that needs action now.

We hope that you will join thousands of women on the week of the March 8th, to reflect on all that has been achieved and to help make sure that women around the world have even more to celebrate in the future.

To find out more about Oxfam and their work, visit www.oxfam.org.uk or if you are interested in getting involved in the Oxfam Do please contact Catherine Butt at cbutt@oxfam.org.uk