What Makes WiRE Wonderful?

Posted: 22nd November 2010

Very often people approach me and want to find out what it is that makes WiRE so special. Well here’s what I think sets WiRE apart from all the rest. WiRE is a small female rural business support organisation. With our office set in the heart of the Shropshire countryside on an agriculturally based University College, we is an organisation that wants to make things happen on a national scale, using the knowledge and expertise of Harper Adams University to help us achieve this.

Since starting here at WiRE, I have come to notice that WiRE celebrates rural entrepreneurship in every way, as our members cover a wonderfully diverse spectrum of business capabilities and skills. From small start-ups to larger more established businesses, it seems to me that this organisation never turns down the opportunity to support, promote and help women and their business needs. I think this is entirely evident through the WiRE website, where members can come together, promote their businesses and showcase their talent and hard work for the world to see on-line.

Another thing (and perhaps one of the most important things) are the WiRE networks dotted across the country. On a national scale, WiRE has over sixty active networks where like-minded women gather together to inspire, motivate, guide and help women from varying business backgrounds. With speakers, clinics, Q&A sessions, workshops and networking occurring across the country, WiRE has the ability to sustain and help women retain close working relationships with other like-minded business women in challenging geographical locations.

Since starting here at WiRE, I can’t help but notice the staggering commitment, hard work and pioneering attitude of all of our network leaders across the country as well as all the staff here at headquarters. Our network leaders are volunteers acting as ambassadors to WiRE’s very cause, and judging by the WiRE website, one can clearly see through the number of events on the network pages, networking is a hive of activity just waiting to help whichever business comes through their door.

In short… it is the people that make WiRE so fantastic. With business success stories gleaming from the pages of our new magazine to the members that all come together and exhibit beneath the WiRE umbrella, WiRE is about continuing support, camaraderie and a means of inspiration which ion my opinion, really comes down to you, our members.

What I think makes WiRE a cut above the rest is the ability to support you and your business. By providing endless networking, PR and marketing opportunities, be it on our website in our magazine or at shows across the country. It is wonderfully comforting to know that the support is there both on-line and one to one. With all of this achieved at your own convenience be it geographically, cost effectively and time efficiently I cannot fault WiRE and its network leaders for their want to support, promote and help your businesses. It really is a little gold mine of rural business potential there for the taking…after all…WiRE is what you make of it.