B2B Event Success

Posted: 11th June 2010

Just wanted share this with you; our Grantham Network Leader Svenda Scholey took a WiRE stand to the Grantham B2B event earlier this week and we pooled our ideas to make the day successful…


“a BIG Thank You for all your help. The pop-up stand looked great, laminated copies of the WiRE presentation and A4 leaflets caught the eye, the prize of a year’s free membership brought twinkles to visitor’s eyes – smiles to their lips and cards in the box, the copies of pull-outs interested a few. Thank you for everything – finding them, creating them and/or getting them together and to me. Made a big difference.


Thank you


I had a few mini-vids running on my laptop screen on the table too – moving eye candy – informative too …. here are links to youtube versions:


WiRE WiRE Presentation

Grantham WiRE (inspired by your A4/A5 leaflet) Grantham WiRE


WiRE member businesses:

Kelling House (Sue Evans) Kelling House B&B presentation on YouTube

JamJarShop (Rosemary Jameson) Jan Jar shop presentation on YouTube

superbfragrances Superb Fragrances presentation on YouTube

wilsongoodchild (Janette Wilson) Wilson Goodchild presentation on YouTube

ebizstart web design (me) Ebizweb Design presentation on YouTube

one of my ebizstart clients (Kathryn Buck) Kathryn Buck presentation on YouTube


I actually ran them directly off my laptop – so the visual quality was even better


Thank you again

Svenda Scholey

Grantham WiRE Network Leader