What a difference a year makes…

Posted: 18th May 2010

What a difference a year makes…

Now WiRE is not a doom and gloom organisation; like many other small businesses over the last 18 months we have tried to be positive, to take any knock backs in our stride, to keep calm and carry on but some things really strike a chord, for us the potential changes in the way our countryside looks over the summer months threatens to have a much greater impact than we thought.

Yes, it will still look beautiful and the crops will still be harvested but last year it looked like many of the country fairs and agricultural shows which have been a mainstay of summer “out of the city” for generations, were under threat. The summer months see a rise of traffic on the roads, not just tractors from dawn until, well dawn, but also increased numbers of visitors. Many shows were reporting reduced numbers, they seemed expensive sometimes a bit tatty and some (including the biggest of all – The Royal Show) were closing all together. But country shows are fantastic for so many reasons:

  • they bring new visitors and potential enthusiasts
  • they gently educate townies
  • they are an opportunity for rural folk to celebrate their skills and crafts
  • they showcase rural businesses
  • and most of all they promote the countryside as a wonderful place to be

They are too important to loose, so displaying the creativity and flexibility of rural businesses, organisers have responded positively with many are going back to their roots to appeal to a new market and gain new customers. They are encouraging and promoting real country businesses and local products and returning to traditional country crafts and games – it’s less big dippers and burgers more fruit cakes and flowers.

So we are delighted to paraphrase that great song (the fabulous smoky Dinah Washington soulful version or the 70’s Disco Diva Esther Phillips classic), to announce the return of “the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain” because… what a difference a year makes.

Come and see WiRE and our members (organised very swiftly last week when we realised how different the shows are now looking).

Newport Show www.newportshow.org

Canwell Show www.canwellshow.co.uk

Burwarton Show www.burwartonshow.co.uk

Stafford Show www.staffordshow.co.uk

Call your local show today there are some great reduced prices and special offers, sadly WiRE just do not have the manpower to be at all the country shows, but we have banners and marketing material and are happy to lobby your local show to get you a good deal if we can.

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