Valuable Gems

Posted: 28th May 2010

Met with some of our volunteer Network Leaders this week at the Cotswolds Conference Centre.  They are all passionate and deicated to supporting the rural business women who come along to WiRE network meetings and they work really hard to make sure the meetings add value to members businesses, importantly unlike most network meetings at WiRE Network meetings the emphasis is not on selling to each other, as one of our network leaders said, “we can’t all live off each other!” At WiRE meetings it’s about supporting and learning from each other. To get most value from a WiRE network meeting you need to put something of your self in and the most important thing you need to give to your commitment.   This ‘value’ does still add up to pounds and pence, to prove it one of our Network Leaders suggests you do a Cost/Value Analysis to compare the true value of all the network groups you attend to see which are the best value.

To get back to my original point the most valueable part of WiRE is our members and our Network Leaders are priceless gems!

We’re looking forward to meeting our West Midlands Network Leaders in a couple of weeks, and meeting of Network Leaders in other Regions throughout the year.  At the meetings our leaders get to meet each other exchange, best practice, feedback to us at WiRE HQ how we can do things differently and update them on what we’re doing for rural business women. Off now to put the suggestions from this weeks meeting into action!