WiRE Action Groups – opportunity

Becoming a WiRE Action Leader is a great business opportunity:income

Each group comprises up to 5 people, who meet for 6 sessions. The first session is a “warmer” where everyone will review their own business to set the scene for subsequent sessions. This session will also allow the leader to check that the personalities are compatible.

Delegates will sign up and pay for the first session (£50), in advance using the WiRE Website. They will then pay for the five subsequent sessions, again in advance (£250).

For members the total cost will be £300 for members and £350 for non-members.

This fee will be paid to the WiRE Action Leader, less 15% WiRE Admin Fee

The Bottom Line:

Each WiRE Action Group with 5 delegates (all members) at £300 = £1500

Less 15% WiRE Admin = £225.00

Payment to WiRE Action Leader = £1275.00

  • You can run as many groups as you like in your designated area (we’ll limit the number of Leaders in an area)
  • Your only limit is on how many people you can recruit
  • You can run the groups whenever you like – once a week, once a month
  • The cost of hosting is low. You can even host the group in your own home. Evidence from our pilot shows that the more private and informal the surroundings, the better the interaction
  • You can recruit for delegates wherever you like, they don’t have to be WiRE Members nor from the network groups (in fact it’s better to spread wide)
  • You can repeat the group, if it is going fantastically well and is really valuable – they can all sign up for another 6 sessions
  • You can run themed groups for new business, sector specific or topic based (social media for example)
  • Delegates have the assurance of buying a proven and nationally available product
  • You’ll be set up as a supplier as soon as you become a WiRE Action Leader and you can invoice as soon as the first session is delivered (so there is no delay in payment)