New POWYS WIRE group update

By WiRE Team

Posted: 23rd April 2019

Starting a new group was daunting especially as I‘m the one who’s new to the area! But with only a couple of Facebook posts it has been hugely well received. Already ladies are…

WiRE Doves “in Stitches”

By WiRE Team

Posted: 19th September 2016

The beautiful Bonad in the image above was created by the WiRE Doves group. Here Lindsay Trevarthen tells the story: “When I took over as WiRE Doves network leader, I…

Meeting Up with our Network Leaders

By WiRE Team

Posted: 9th June 2011

Read about the great Network Leader meeting we had in Hatfield, what happens, some of the things our WiRE networks get up to.