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Posted: 23rd September 2019

Facebook Beauty Salons

From: Claire Bareja (member expired)

Great for Beauty therapists, nail tech, hair stylists and holistic therapists. Starting right from the beginning of setting up Facebook making sure you have everything right, going through content creation, engagement etc. Right through to getting bookings, paid for adverts etc. Goes live 1st Oct

Posted: 19th September 2019

Artisan Food & Drink

From: Pam Iannotti

We are running a series of six half-day workshops to help artisan food and drink producers to build a pipeline of international sales. If you are ambitious and willing to collaborate with complementary producers then please get in touch. Email me on:

Posted: 16th September 2019

OFFER: free copywriting!

One free piece of copywriting to help you and your business.
One page for your website
Email/letter to clients
Product description
Please click on the link for more information. Thank you!

Posted: 14th September 2019

Seasonal Style Update

From: Sandra Crick

To buy or not to buy - is that the question?

My Style Update Workshop could really help you decide on which garments you should keep and what you need to buy (if anything) to ensure that your wardrobe stays bang up to date this season.
October 31st 7.30 - 9.00pm
Price: £17.00

Posted: 14th September 2019

Style Personality

From: Sandra Crick

A question we ask when shopping – Do I like it? Does it suit me?

Well I can help you find your UNIQUE STYLE.

I will guide you through the styles and shops to make sure you are shopping for YOU.

October 29th 7.15 -8.45pm
Price: £17.00 per person includes handouts. 3-6 people.

Posted: 14th September 2019

Scarf Tying evening

From: Sandra Crick

Why Wear a Scarf?
It brings colour closest to your face. A scarf accessorises your look, as well as being practical.
Discover the colours best suited to you. Learn new techniques, understand patterns, textures, scales and more
October 28th 7.15-8.45pm
Price: £15.00 10% discount off CMB scarves.