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Posted: 4th February 2020

Speak With Confidence

From: Judith Quin (member expired)

Learn to speak about your business with more confidence, get more clients, boost your income, manage nerves, improve speaking skills

Day 1 – Mindset. This is what makes my work different to most public speaking courses. Know and clear your blocks first

Day 2 - Physicality Articulation Projection

Posted: 4th February 2020

3Day SoundHealing Retreat

From: Judith Quin (member expired)

3 Days in Sussex to explore the light and dark of your voice through an introduction to the seven chakra sounds.

Discover the connection between your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. Your voice is a reflection of all you have felt, experienced, or witnessed in life.

Free Your Voice

Posted: 4th February 2020

7Day SoundHealing Retreat

From: Judith Quin (member expired)

7 Days to explore your 7 chakras with 7 sounds. Clear the hidden energetic and emotional rubbish that is holding you back and stopping you from fully embodying your voice, your work, your life,

This seven days has an immediate impact to help you:
Speak Your Truth
Get Clarity
Make Choices

Posted: 2nd February 2020

Oswestry WiRE February me

From: Rachael Sharpe (member expired)

Join us on the third Wednesday of each month as we share ideas, insights and inspiration. This is a great way to find support, make contacts and discover potential collaborators amongst the inspiring business women in and around Oswestry.

Posted: 9th January 2020

Enagic Business Jan2020

From: Melanie Smith Rawlings (member expired)

Change your water and change your life. Find out how this portable medical device will change how you cook, clean, your beauty regime as well as the water you drink. Take it to the next level and grow a global business.

Posted: 8th January 2020

Sustainability learning

Still time to book tickets to learn about the true definition of "sustainability" (and it isn't all about climate action) at quite possibly the most unique venue ever - on board Noah's Ark floating museum. Join WiRE South Suffolk's Helen Oldfield on board on 13th and 20th Jan, 6 - 9 pm.