Warwickshire South/Central WiRE Network

Network Leaders:

Currently looking for a new network leader.

Currently we just have one network in Warwickshire which meets in Brandon (see your nearest WiRE Network in the box on the right). Warwickshire is a big county with many entrepreneurial women in business – all looking for a friendly and supportive network like WiRE.

WiRE Networking is different; Network Leaders are volunteers, we are not a franchise, network leaders are free to choose the topics, timings and focus of their group. WiRE believes that networking is the best way to support businesses, share skills and get away from the desk – but don’t particularly want a business card based network; WiRE is definitely not that, we are warm, welcoming and non-scary.

If you are looking for a new but straightforward challenge which will be of great value for your business and as personal development, have a read of the information about How to Start Your Own Network  or drop me an email (fiona@wireuk.org).

About WiRE

We know the importance of networking with like-minded business women.  The WiRE network can help you to meet new people and gain knowledge to keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

Wire Networks provide the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise and generate business growth. Getting involved in your local WiRE network is a good business decision and an investment for your business, your future, your local economy and community

Wire members are welcome to go along as part of your membership package, if you are not a member you are welcome to visit twice before you join. Join now