Northamptonshire WiRE

Network Leaders:

Hello and welcome to WiRE Northamptonshire- a brand new group for this region in 2019.

The aim of this group is to share business expertise and knowledge, learn new skills and support each other in a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Collaboration and finding the right people for the right job is key to any business success, especially if you want to grow and thrive.

For this to happen there will be a once monthly meeting (to be held on the 3rd Friday of each month). The hope is to move the meeting place around the county giving fair opportunity to access the network meetings.

About WiRE Networking– We know the importance of good communication and networking with like-minded business women- to improve skill set, increase support, boost confidence and bring you more business. WiRE Networks serve to help start ups, support established businesses, encourage business growth or simply help you in the day to day running.

If you would like to meet fellow inspiring and supportive business women please do get in touch by e-mail or phone. In addition to Facebook, you can find the new group page on Instagram WIRE_Northamptonshire.

WIRE Membership– WIRE members are welcome to attend ANY events across the UK network but must be a WIRE member. If you are not a WIRE member you are welcome to attend two meetings before you join. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION