North Wiltshire WiRE

Network Leaders:

We are so pleased to be starting a WiRE Network in North Wiltshire, we hope that you will join Victoria in building an amazing supportive WiRE Network.


All small businesses need to find support, to learn new skills, to feel like they are not alone and to find other small businesses to work with – it’s not rocket science, Networking Works!

We would love our group membership to be diverse and varied. We would like to welcome new and growing businesses, offering a multitude of products and services, operating from the remotest rural locations to the busiest market towns – everybody is welcome.

WiRE Networking isn’t just about swapping business cards; it is about support, inspiration and building relationships. Network groups are run by WiRE member volunteers not franchisees and costs are deliberately kept low. The groups are friendly and welcoming, full of inspirational women sharing skills and helping each other to be successful in business.

Your WiRE Network needs your support.

  • Please support your local WiRE Network; go along to meetings & encourage others to attend
  • Please “Bring a Buddy” if you like WiRE, your friends and colleagues will
  • Please remember that Network Leaders are volunteers and juggle lots of other commitments
  • Please book in advance online via the WiRE website and let the Network Leader know if you can’t attend (with plenty of time)
  • Please offer to help, speak, promote and share your skills – it’s your network
  • Please remember that WiRE Networks don’t work without you and your support – go!

WiRE is a Membership Group so to continue networking, you must be a WiRE Member. WiRE members are welcome at any (or all) networks in your county or over the border, or in these current climes, online. Non-members (former or guests) can attend twice before we contact you to join WiRE (which at just £50 per year is the best value networking around).

About WiRE

WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) is a business support network, with the head office based at Harper Adams University in Shropshire. Offering nationwide support for new and established businesses, the WiRE business package delivers supportive peer group networking through the volunteer led local groups plus online benefits including marketing, business resources and PR opportunities, skills sessions, WiRE Wellness and National “Network Online” Events. WiRE also lobbies at a national and local level to influence policy and raise the profile of women in business.