Newport WiRE Network (Shrop)

Network Leaders:

Hello I’m Romella Jones 

I run the Newport Shropshire Wire Network, which I love! I’ve been running the group since 2018, but the group was started over 10 years ago.

We are a friendly group who meet each month, and are welcoming to all new ladies.

Each month we have a theme, speaker or presentation/worksheet. You get to share your business in a “show and tell” (we don’t call it a 60 second pitch!). Plus often do action learning activities to support those business questions that happen (chasing payment, marketing, new products, approaching new venues/shops etc).

Our meetings are friendly and there is no pressure, don’t worry about coming alone, you will be made very welcome and soon make new friends.

Do come and join us, you will be very welcome…

Whether you are an established business women, you are just setting up a business or at the moment your business is just an idea…..


For full details visit out Facebook Page and our Facebook Group

Come and join our business networking meeting in Newport, Shropshire…

  • Be amongst a positive group of women, meet new people and gain new knowledge to keep you a step ahead of your competitors.
  • We know how important networking with like-minded business women is and we know how these networks can improve your skills, boost your confidence and bring you new business.
  • WiRE Networks provide the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise and generate business growth through referrals. Getting involved in your local WiRE network is a good business decision and an investment for your business, your future, your local economy and community
  • WiRE is unique in its approach to business help, invaluable to all rural women in business at any stage, from the established or growing business, to new or potential businesses.
  • WiRE members are welcome to go along as part of your membership package, if you are not a member you are welcome to visit twice before you join. join now
  • WiRE business networking events in Newport, Shropshire are run by volunteers, please confirm your booking with the Network Leaders and let them know if you need to cancel.

 If you would like to find out more or have any questions then please send an email me here and we will add you to our list

or join the mailing list here: Each month you get an email with details of speaker and link to book your ticket.

Its £5 for a member and £10 for a non-member

Visit the About us page to find out more about WIRE