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WHEN? Our meetings take place on the FIRST Wednesday of each month from 10am till 12.30pm.

WHERE? The Moody Mare, 501 Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth Kent ME18 5QY (Google Map – Location)


West Kent WiRE is a branch of this incredible network. West Kent WiRE was established a few years back and has recently undergone a mini revamp. We have noticed a change in what solopreneurs and small businesses are requiring from local networking groups in our area and so West Kent WiRE is trying our utmost to meet those requirements. So we have decided to look into getting Industry Experts to come in and cover certain topics of running or growing a small business and provide you with the knowledge that you are wanting. There will also be time to ask questions, maybe a mini-brainstorming session and also some networking.


We have two wonderful Co-Leaders, Fiona Blackmore and Sue Gofton. One of them will be your fabulous host at the meetups and greet you with a warm welcome. Then we have our admin wizard, Sharné Bättenhaussen. She is behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cost? Members £7 and Guests £12

(include parking & refreshments)


> 3rd July 2019 – Brainstorming
> 7th August 2019 – SOCIAL EVENT (Check meeting time)
> 4th September 2019 – Biz Confidence
> 2nd October 2019 – Accounting Discussion
> 6th November 2019 – Brainstorming
> 4th December 2019 – END OF YEAR LUNCH (Check meeting time)

Please check event section (WiRE Events) for up to date information and also to book your place.


If you have any question regarding the meetings please email the network leaders at West Kent Leaders Email or join our West WiRE Kent Facebook Group, everyone is welcome to join.

* WiRE business networking events are run by volunteers, please book your place via that month’s event on the WiRE website(WiRE Events), just look under Kent county. Please cancel your booking via the Network Leaders via email West Kent Leaders Email

* WiRE Network Meetings are not free. There is a minimal cost for each event to cover refreshments/room hire. Typically WiRE members pay less than non-members. Please see individual event details or ask the network leader for the event cost.

We know how important networking with like-minded business women is and we know how these networks can improve your skills, boost your confidence and bring you new business.  WiRE Networks provide the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise and generate business growth through referrals.

WiRE is unique in its approach to business help, invaluable to all rural women in business at any stage, from the established or growing business to new or potential businesses. View our full Membership package.



Please feel free to join our Facebook group – West Kent WiRE Facebook Group

We have great opportunities to promote your business in a creative and unique way, help support others and just an all-around friendly bunch of gals… You will find all these details in our House Rules.

Your FIRST opportunity is to introduce yourself and your business to the group with our #HelloWestKentWiRE posts as soon as you are accepted into the group. Read the instructions in Pinned Post and you are on your way

Please take note that posts from people who have never been to a meeting will be removed, except for your #HelloWestKentWiRE post.

Promotional Posts from people who have not attended in last consecutive 3 months will be removed. This group is for support and not just a space to advertise your business.

*PLEASE* be polite and professional within this group. Remember your audience and local businesses are watching you. Bad Manners will not be tolerated and consistent offenders will be removed without notice.



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We are really looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting

The West Kent WiRE Leaders

Fiona, Sue and Sharné