Cheshire WiRE Network

Network Leaders:

We’re delighted to announce that the Cheshire WiRE Network launched on Friday 23rd April 2021 at 10.30am.

Due to the current restrictions our first few meetings will be held virtually.

Dates for the future events are:

Friday 28th May 2021 – 10.30am

Friday 25th June 2021 – 10.30am

Friday 23rd July 2021 – 10.30am

Friday 27th August 2021 – 10.30am

Friday 24th September 2021 – 10.30am

Thank you for your interest in the Cheshire WiRE Network.

The meetings provide a space for small business owners to support one another, offer advice, share skills and promote your business in a friendly environment.

* WiRE business networking events are run by volunteers, please confirm/cancel your booking with the Network Leaders.

* WiRE Network Meetings are not free. There is a minimal cost at each event to cover refreshments / room hire. Typically WiRE members pay less than non-members. Please see individual event details or ask the network leader for the event cost.

About WiRE Networks

We know how important networking with like-minded business women is and we know how these networks can improve your skills, boost your confidence and bring you new business.  WiRE Networks provide the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise and generate business growth through referrals.

WiRE is unique in its approach to business help, invaluable to all rural women in business at any stage, from the established or growing business, to new or potential businesses. View our full Membership package

WiRE members are welcome to go along to the network as part of your membership package, if you are not a member you are welcome to visit twice before you join. join now