Dorset Networking is back open!

Posted: 14th February 2023

Dorset Networking is back open!

Connect with vibrant entrepreneurs from every corner of the country!

At Dorset WiRE networking events, you can mingle and collaborate with business owners both big and small.

Discover a wide range of products and services available in rural or urban areas – this online networking event, a weekly in-person networking event, a training session, or a business showcase event, it is your golden ticket to meeting new people while creating beneficial connections for your future endeavors.

Experience dynamic and diverse business connections at Dorset WiRE Networking Events – whether you’re just starting out or already expanding your enterprise, come join vibrant online and in-person events for a community to help build strong relationships.

From bustling cities to rural townships, here’s where innovation meets opportunity – the best part is there’s little or no cost involved!

If you are interested in joining Karen Johnson or wish to ask a question about showcasing your business at the networking event, please email here at