Learning from your Personal Journey and History

Sara Moseley shared her personal and business journey at our June meeting. From top jobs in publishing in the UK and overseas to a successful photography business that was keeping her from enjoying her family – Sara’s career was certainly diverse.

Today she has created the ultimate lifestyle business, Hiking Boots and Posh Pants – a hub for Enterprising Women over 40. Here are Sara’s top tips:

Learning from your Personal Journey and History

  • Take action and the next step will unfold
  • Ask, and the answer might just be yes
  • Be a great listener
  • Enjoy teaching and supporting others
  • Find and join networks of the right people
  • Look for the signs and listen to your body
  • Fear is only in your head
  • Make time, don’t waste time

She concluded that we should embrace our personal journey as we have survived the ups and downs and it has made you who you are.  Look back for the lessons and the joys and use them to move forward.

Charting your Personal Journey

Below is a useful exercise Sara shared with us to see what your life journey has taught you:

  • Document key highlights in your life in 5 year increments 0 – 5, 6 – 10 etc.
  • Gather stories and memories
  • Chart
  1. the event
  2. the feeling
  3. the learning
  4. find the links and conclusions

If you want some help click this link for a template

Blog written by:

Kim Gilmour – Connect Consultancy