How to Craft an Irresistible Offer (For Any Product or Service)

Our second speaker in January was Diane Cossie from Creative Online Marketing. She spoke us about crafting an irresistible offer which can be something as simple as your 60 second introduction or a description for something you sell in your online store.

Read Diane’s 4 tips to help you craft your own irresistible offer that can potentially have a dramatic impact on increasing your sales. Whether you have an existing product or service, or trying to find new, unique and innovative ways to “get it across” this will help you.

1. With Any Offer for Any Product or Service You Need To Overcome the Big 4 Questions

  1. What are you trying to sell me?
  2. How much is it?
  3. Why should I believe you?
  4. What’s in it for me?

When people (and you will know this yourself) are faced with making a BUYING decision of any kind they are hard-wired to look for the best value for money at a reasonable cost. (It may be different perceived value and cost depending on your income) but the decision process is the same.

The more you can address these 4 questions within your offer the better.

This is almost always done VISUALLY at first and through the copy writing and text that is either ON or AROUND your offer.

2. Address the First Two Questions Together 

Deal with the first two “objection questions together” and you’ll be off to a winning start!

EG: “For just £30 I’ll help you to create a Facebook content map that you can follow in minutes per day. “

(P.S. You can get this information for free right now by downloading a copy of my Facebook Content Map & video by clicking here) 

The expectation of what someone will RECEIVE in exchange for what they consider to be a REASONABLE COST will be put to the test with every offer you create.

By presenting the prospective customer with what your offer is, how much it is and what BENEFIT there is to them in a short and snappy way is the essence of crafting an irresistible offer.

3. Adding Credibility (The most Frequently Forgotten One) 

In my mini-workshop I used a Tony Robbins lead magnet as an example for this one.

Sometimes an offer can sound fantastic on the surface, but it may also sound too good to be true (that’s your inner voice whispering again). 

People have to TRUST you.

So add in some rock solid CREDIBILITY / STATS / RECOMMENDATIONS / AWARDS to help silence that inner voice.

4. What’s In It for Me?

To answer this most important question of the 4 (because it’s the only one that is EMOTIONALLY driven and we tend to buy on emotion and justify with logic) you MUST convey a BENEFIT to your potential customer of what they will RECEIVE in return for their money / email address etc.

To do that you MUST understand what the FEATURES of your product or service are and what the BENEFITS are (what they do FOR your potential customers)

I used an imaginary white 3/4 length coat as an example of this in the mini workshop.

The Feature describes “what it is” – a white 3/4 length coat. The advantage of a white 3/4 length coat is that it is a very versatile item to add to your capsule wardrobe.

But what would make me want to purchase it? (The BENEFIT) may be pointed out by a salesperson who has my best interests at heart when they tell me that being 5′ 4″ tall a 3/4 length coat would look fantastic on me, it would create a statement and not swamp me (like a full length coat would) or cut me in half (like a short jacket). And being white it would complement my colouring etc. I’m like “where’s the till at this point!”

We all laughed, but in truth this is the turning point in ANY business, online or offline and it can be summed up in one catchy easy to remember way from a song made famous by Bananarama and Fun Boy 3 …“It Ain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It .That’s What Gets Results!’.


Whatever business you are in, crafting irresistible offers will inevitably help you sell more of what you are selling when they are done right (and with the customer in mind)

  • Your potential customers are being trained to evaluate something more quickly than ever before, you have around 3 to 6 seconds to capture their attention.
  • Your offer MUST answer the 4 real questions people have when facing a buying decision.
  • Add credibility to your offer to help silence the “it sounds too good to be true” inner voice.
  • Create a simple benefit driven statement within every offer or product description you have on your website or in your online store. Every detail counts!

Diane Cossie – Creative Online Marketing