A Gifted Life – Sandra Owen’s Journey of Discovery

Sandra Owen gave us the absolute honour (and pleasure) of showing us her amazing launch videos for her Gifted Life Self-Discovery Course at April’s meeting of Telford and Wrekin WIRE.

Now for those of you who think they might be a little camera-shy out there, Sandra had to overcome her own video fears to bring this course to life.

She really pushed herself out of her comfort zone to create what is a wonderful online course that allows people to develop themselves in a fun and easy way through her new online courses.

For those of you who didn’t manage to get to the meeting, you missed a treat as we were shown both the front end results (what you see when all the hard work is done video part of the course) and listen intently to how it was all done from the people who made it happen and even some who had been through the course and loved it!

Reigniting Our Inner Creative Spirit Opens The Door To Possibility

After striking Wonder Woman poses and declaring ourselves awesome, this was super charged energy filled meeting that had us all feeling that we can really achieve anything we set our minds to.

What was so inspiring to us all were the words of others who have enjoyed the joy this creative personal development course brought to them.

“It was like opening my head up and installing a load of new software.So now I’m unstoppable! I can do anything. It’s Fantastic!” Sam W

“It’s so important to nourish yourself so you can continue to give to other people.” “It’s like a Spa for your brain!” Steph W

What You’ll Receive When You Register For Sandra’s Course 

  • 20 Clear Instructional Videos
  • 12 Recycling Projects that illustrate the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  • Weekly Course Notes to print out and keep
  • Audio Version of the Course Notes for Auditory Learners
  • 7 Personally Designed Mandalas to aid Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Bonus Projects to engage family and friends and aid communication skills
  • 7 Reflective Questionnaires to reveal your inner beliefs that may be holding you back
  • One chapter each week from ‘How to Find Your Real Self’ by Mildred Mann to prompt further thinking
  • Creative Writing and Thinking Games to challenge your thinking and open your creative mind
  • A Facebook group page for course members to share photos of their wonderful creations
  • A ‘Creative Community’ Area to share ideas, ask questions and make new like minded friends

You can find out more here.

Let your imagination run wild about who you could be meeting, learning from our finding out about at our next meeting!