Vicki Bromwich

Are you frustrated? Anxious? Can personal coaching help?

Are you frustrated? Anxious? Can personal coaching help? Photo

Stress can affect us at any time and prevent us performing to the best of our ability. Everyday problems become overwhelming and we can struggle to find any balance in our lives. Issues like this can stop us from achieving our potential at work – and have a damaging effect on our health and our relationships.

Through a programme of listening, questioning, observing, talking and feeding back, one-to-one coaching can encourage you to look at yourself clearly. It can help you analyse how and why you react to certain situations, understand what your coping strategies are – and help you find ways to resolve the issues that hold you back.

Coaching helps:

  • Improve focus and direction
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Boost self-confidence and resilience
  • Accelerate personal and professional development

One-to-one coaching is a collaborative partnership that helps you discover yourself and develop new skills and behaviours.

If you are open to change and curious how to begin, then let’s have a 30 minute complimentary Skype call and talk about the direction you want to take.