Teresa Bellmaine

Health coaching

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I offer Practicallyslim coaching groups and one to one coaching to enable you to reach your health goals.

Your weight, your way. We have lots of plans to choose from, combined with coaching to get you to your goal.

I’m also an astrologer, Tarot reader, EFT practitioner and coach. I’ve been self-employed for many years and I can guide you to find the best way for you on your life path, using astrology and my years of counselling and business experience.

An astrological chart is a roadmap of your potential in life, you make decisions at certain times that lead you down one path rather than another. Sometimes a decision made, needs to be altered at a different stage in life ie Divorce, career changes, or a house move.

Let me help you to find out what your potential is, and if you need to change direction to be more fulfilled, happy and successful.

I give readings in person and via Zoom. Come and discover what makes you who you are!

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