Tanya Cook

CEO of A1 Community Works Limited

CEO of A1 Community Works Limited Photo

I am the CEO of A1 Community Works Limited a company limited by guarantee. The company’s aims are to promote economic regeneration and building strong rural communities. Much of our work is granted funded and we offer free digital training to both individuals and businesses. We run a UKonline Centre and are based at Crabtree Hall Business Centre near Northallerton in North Yorkshire.

A1 Community Works Ltd is a social enterprise which is legally constituted as a company limited by guarantee. So 50% of any profits we make are put back into the community. In reality more than 50% is put back into community projects. The company was formed in 2003.

We have a management board of 6 people; 3 of whom are registered as company directors.

The day to day business of the company is the responsibility of Tanya Cook B.A. Hons who is a director and the CEO.

She is supported by:-

Karon Brown a retired businesswoman and property developer with a background in law who is developing a commercial side to the business so there is an income stream to support the company’s sustainability and help to reduce its dependency on grant funding.

Our mission is to promote economic regeneration and social inclusion as tools to build stronger communities.

We are a Good Things Foundation specialist funded centre and a research partner. All the staff have a PTTLS qualification and are Digital Champions. We have delivered UK Online courses including the current Learn My Way for more than 10 years. We helped to develop part of the current Learn My Way content.

We are part of the digital inclusion project and part of the digital skills for rural SMEs project which is co-funded by the Good Things Foundation Foundation and the Prince’s Countryside Fund. We deliver both projects partly as outreach. We have a selection of smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, netbooks and laptops we can deploy as resources at outreach. We can support 10 to 12 people with the kit at any training sessions. We also have 2 MiFi sets so we can deliver in places without WiFi proved there is at least a 3G signal.

Our aim is to empower people to grow their skills and improve their choices. People are at the heart of everything we do.

We are funded by

The Good Things Foundation

The Prince’s Countryside Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund

The Royal British Legion

Your Consortium Ltd