Susan Hall

Education Consultant & Specialist Dyslexia teacher

Education Consultant & Specialist Dyslexia teacher Photo

I work with parents who feel anxious about their child’s dyslexia, helping them understand the advantages of dyslexia and how they can empower their child to succeed.

I am a specialist teacher, education consultant and learning coach dedicated to supporting mums of children with dyslexia to help their child shine. I have worked with some incredibly talented and inspiring women, who felt helpless when supporting their dyslexic child. I creatively blend my teaching expertise and experience, with coaching tools, knowledge and relevant experience as a mum, to help empower parents, who in turn can empower their children.

Having been the Head of Learning Support (SENCo) in a local Independent School for almost ten years and through my 1:1 coaching and consultancy work, I understand the importance of ensuring children with dyslexia, develop appropriate technical skills and compensatory strategies, as well as developing the right mind-set and belief in themselves. I have created a unique approach to helping mums and children not only navigate the unknown when it comes to dyslexia, but ensure both are offered a supportive space to build their self-esteem, a crucial link in the net of support that will help children with dyslexia not only survive school, but thrive throughout their educational journey and into a life they love.


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