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Body-Mind-Bliss: Gorgeous Retreat Get-Aways for Great Personal Health, Harmony and Happiness

Body-Mind-Bliss: Gorgeous Retreat Get-Aways for Great Personal Health, Harmony and Happiness Photo

SUSAN GARDNER – Agent of Change

Positively Changing Habits of a Lifetime for Greater Personal Health, Harmony and Happiness With a Divine Blend of Holistic Therapies…

Susan Gardner: International Coach, Mentor and Trainer specialises in Meta-Well-Being© a holistic approach to Body-Mind-Bliss.

* Stressed out to… Super Vibrant Health*

“Offering a range of life enhancing and transformational experiences to help those who are ‘full on, flat out in the fast lane’.  That was me 15 years ago!  Following a couple of major life events which massively impacted my health, relationships and work, something had to change!  AND it did, AND I did, AND even now I still have to keep practising to ‘walk my talk’ to ensure that I stay on track ‘Being-Well’…”

* Struggling with Life/Work Balance to…  a Greater Sense of Purpose*

Regular time-out from a busy schedule is essential, to Relax, Recharge and Revitalise – a key factor to stay on track with work/life ambitions – and needs to be a top priority, to ensure that today’s women in business are body-mind fit with their personal health and wellbeing.

* Feeling Trapped on a Treadmill to…  Being Capable, Calm and Consistent*

Reducing the effects of stress in the body and mind is essential to be at your very best, so that you can successfully achieve your desires and goals with ease.  Whether it is an hour, a day or a week, consciously stopping and unplugging to re-boot and reset accomplishes so much more!

* Tired and Burnt-out to…  Wonderful Boundless Energy*

Where there are specific health challenges Susan combines META-Health principles with powerful and transformative Wellbeing Coaching.  (Specialist area; M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia). This helps to identify what is causing an upset, to tackle the root cause and reveals a new and refreshing way of looking at the ‘what, why and how’ around individual situations, then get some clear direction to get back on track and in tune with life….

* Anxious and Worried to…  Glorious Peace of Mind*

‘Bliss Time’ is a beautiful combination of Susan’s expertise in Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Acupressure, Hopi Ear Candles and Intuitive Body Massage – a divine way to unwind, dissolve tension and feel absolutely fabulous.

* Generally feeling Over-Loaded and Fed up to…  Fantastic Fun-Filled Living*

Make tomorrow, today, now and contact Susan for an appointment – the first step to an enhancement in your personal ‘self-care’ – because you are worth it!  Bliss time sessions are held in Tamworth and Coton in the Clay.

M: 07866 695 176


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