Susan Frend

Resiliance Coach and Trainer

Resiliance Coach and Trainer Photo

Do you know those odd days when you’re happy with yourself? Your job? Your world?  

Would you like more of them? or some of them?! 

Are you ready for  

  • Clarity of mind? 
  • Less stress and anxiety?
  • To build your resilience? 
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing? 
  • To understand and have more control over your emotional and mental capacities? 
  • To make WISE decisions more often? 
  • To take the right action?
  • to understand yourself and your behaviours on a whole new level!

Life will always bring challenges, that’s how we grow. Our challenges are often our signposts on the journey of life. To navigate the terrain for a less bumpy ride your understanding of yourself is the key. No one has your answers! It really is an inside job 

Hi I am Susan Frend, mother of 4, living in the Midlands. I now know myself as  Type 9 Peacemaker social instinct with a 1 wing  Generator 3/5 with emotional authority Cross of explanation I/ENFP (borderline I and E) and much more.

You may have guessed, I am an experiential learner with a curious mind or perpetual student. My 3 decades of seeking has led to some interesting and powerful discoveries of how we function IN the world FROM our internal processing and our historical conditioning. That old nature-nurture debate. The answer is, it is both 

And the good news is we are ever evolving. We have a lot more choice than we have been led to believe. Maybe you already know that but don’t yet know how to make the changes you say you want? 

My role is to help you work with your mental, emotional and physical system, the whole self, to understand your nervous system. This is your personality in action. From this place, your external reality takes on a new flavour even though the circumstances may not change 

No ego bashing allowed! You are who you are, and there is a bliss point 😊 overdo it and it is your Achilles heel

We are built to be much happier than we often allow ourselves to be. We have forgotten a lot, but all is not lost, it has been shaping us. Only you can decide if you are playing small and feeling less than you would like in one or more areas of your life. Only you can feel the call of wanting to connect to the much deeper you that is guiding you every step of the way. 

“ We can’t solve problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them” Albert Einstein    and we now know we often use our thinking capacities in detrimental ways 

Are you ready to “Do” yourself in a new way? Connect for a chat,  this is what I am here for  

I deliver workshops to small groups as I love social learning. Not local? I am working behind the scenes to get ready for an online community, connect with me and let me know you would like to be one of the first to hear when it goes live.