Sonya Homewood

Executive Coach, Business Optimisation and leadership Development

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Executive Coaching, Business Optimisation, and Leadership Development, based on real world experience and expertise

 I founded Biz2Blu after spending over 30 years in a large variety of roles, all with different capacity within senior operations, leadership, and as a chief operating officer. Biz2Blu with a focus on Coaching Executives and their teams in how to solve personal, development, and business challenges, operational efficiency, performance management, and organisational design/functionality.

If you’ve never had any Executive Coaching before or had any other type of coaching you are missing out, Executive coaching is for not only executives but anyone with high potential or those wanting to improve their skills in self-awareness and self-development, my job is to help you clarify and define your goals, your goal, achieve your development objectives, , unlock your potential and act,  as a sounding board!

Business Optimisation is all about creating capacity, utilising that capacity or saving the costs, getting the best out of and improving the performance of your people, reviewing and adapting processes, sometimes you will need technology to support you sometimes it’s just about reorganisation, thinking about things differently and refocusing your efforts. In today’s rapidly changing world, regardless of whether you are just starting out, developing a growing business or leading an established organisation, it’s important to continually review roles , responsibilities, your organisational structure and operating model.

Focusing on Leadership Development helps expands the capacity of individuals to perform in these roles within your organisation, they facilitate the execution of your strategy through building alignment and growing the capabilities of others. Commitment to developing your leaders will also improve your success when navigating change, attracting and retaining talent and without doubt it will improve your bottom line.

I know how you can get the best out of yourself and how to get the best out of your people, your business and of course how to implement any changes to be sustainable for the future.

contact me on 07720060341  or  mail for a chat , a coffee or to find out more