Shelley Nott

Food and Drink Photographer, Fine Art Photographer and Graphic Designer

Food and Drink Photographer, Fine Art Photographer and Graphic Designer Photo

I am based in East Suffolk, just outside Saxmundham and I spend my time making my clients’ products look gorgeous. As well as photographing local food producers’ goodies or holiday locations, I create still life photographs for sale and exhibit these most years.

My graphic design work varies from local businesses and business associations to international clients.

It is an area in which I have been creating for more than four decades. Starting with traditional techniques in design, page layout and typesetting I have, for many years, been designing and producing artwork entirely by electronic means.

Likewise my photography and digital imaging services have been enhanced with the advancement of technology. A user of Adobe® Photoshop® for nearly thirty years, I offer a service based on tradition but fully utilising state-of-the-art facilities.

My photography mostly comprises three areas: Food and Drink, photographing the wonderful produce of East Suffolk for manufacturers, retailers and restaurants; Fine Art, influenced by the 16th and 17th Century Dutch Masters, I construct photographs full of symbolism and atmosphere (to see my homage to the flower paintings by the Dutch Masters, constructed in a similar way but using 21st Century techniques, then have a look at the Slow Photography page); and for Holiday Destinations, I photograph the interior and exterior of Bed and Breakfasts, Holiday Villages and other very special places to stay.

I use my skills as an image editor to create an altered reality. I am often presented with treasured family photographs that are damaged but with painstaking care I re-construct them, pixel by pixel.

By supplying me with a collection of photographs of a loved one, montages can be created to celebrate a birthday or any other important event. I can also magically remove unwanted elements, such as a lamp fitting in the wrong place.