Sabrina Zeif

The Menopause Chef

The Menopause Chef Photo

The Menopause Chef was started by Sabrina Zeif with a focus on changing the face of women’s health awareness, with a new approach to nutritional and lifestyle advice, education and community support for menopause.

Born in Trinidad and having lived all over the world, Sabrina’s diverse background sparked her love for flavourful, international food and has cultivated a deep understanding of how food can change your lifestyle.

Having worked professionally in the healthcare industry for 25 years before setting up her own culinary business, Sabrina pairs her knowledge of food and medicine to help women with lifestyle choices, by raising awareness on how this can affect the menopause.

Sabrina is building a multicultural online community of women that focuses on all things menopause that’s educational, funny and highly inclusive. Join our group Menopause Chef Global Community  let’s trailblaze through our midlife!