Renée Stotz

Graphic Designer | Visual Branding | Website + Funnel Design

Graphic Designer | Visual Branding | Website + Funnel Design Photo

As a designer, I’m focused on providing Change Makers with a voice and visual presence in the digital world.

Change Makers are those who desire change in the world. They gather the resources and knowledge to make that change happen; hold a vision that is bigger than themselves and have transformational messages and products or services that are life or Earth changing. Most importantly, Change Makers need an online presence that showcases their products, services or mission in a way that draws in the masses, and expands their reach in the world.

It’s my intention to get the work of 100’s of Change Makers out into the online world and seen by the audiences they serve, thereby making a positive difference to 1,000’s, if not 1,000,000’s of people worldwide.