Rebecca Daws

Canine Holistic Therapy

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So I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m more than ready to pursue my passions in life. I will give you a bit of a background story, as I belive my past experiences show my resilience and strength as a person. During Covid, I lost my home, fiance, and my dream job. I was back at my mother’s starting from scratch. In a year I transformed this, me and my dog have been living in my lovely rented house for nearly 8 months, whilst I work two jobs,and study towards my qualifications in Canine Holistic Therapy and Herbalism.

My dog is my biggest strength and inspiration, as I desire to make a better life for us.

Now, my business is in its foundling stage, I am currently registering and beginning to set up a food subscription and delivery service in order to help fund my big goal and plan.

The plan is two build two cabins on a 5 acre plot of land, one for residential purposes, and the other will be used as a Canine Apothecary and café. Within this café there will be a shop, selling artisan, and handmade pet products. This centre will be the base for running dog agility classes, training classes, 1-1 consolations on animal holistic health. Primarily, the centre will be used for the purposes of Canine Holistic Health and treatments, but I also intend to hold Mind, Body, Spirit Events, healing circles and treatments. What I have found in my studies is that often the result of an animal’s emotional or physical distress is the result of a human. Not always through mistreatment, but animals (especially dogs) absorb so much of our energy without us realising. Dogs are a reflection of their owner, are they not? The aim is to target both human and animal to get to the true root of the problem and climate it for good. The pet and animal industry is rapidly growing, it’s the one area we are willing to spend on without questions, because we want the best for our pets.

For me, it’s not just about the business. It’s about working with the land, growing my own crops, utilising sustainable resources. I want to live a simpler life and encourage others to do the same. As well as the added benefits of cutting down price margins in terms of business and personal finance, the building marks a huge stepping point in how business can make use of sustainable forms of energy.

My belief is simple, if I am given the gift of a dream, I have the capacity to see it through to fulfilment.

Thank you for your time.