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Anyone who wishes to wake up and fulfil a meaningful life on purpose, live in the moment and trust without hesitation their inner guidance can experience extraordinary happiness and good health as a bi-product of working with me. 

A head injury knocked me off course in 1997. Things that came to me naturally and easily weren’t easy anymore. My focus, concentration, ability to absorb and retain information effortlessly was shattered, as was my confidence. I felt like I had lost parts of myself. This led to many poor decisions that damaged my health and happiness.

I’ve sorted it out now and have transformed my life and abilities by learning mind mastery skills. I now experience a much more empowered, happier, confident and wholesome life everyday.

I experience extraordinarily intuitive insights in myself and others that enable change and rapid transformations. This means that it is possible to move forward powerfully without hesitation and live a truly fulfilled and happy life.

Every time someone asks me to help them to access their own resourcefulness, find their inner strength, courage, peace and true happiness, I feel deeply humbled and grateful to be able to play a part. I love the ripple effect of helping others to smile for the long term.

There’s a voice inside all of us that yearns for us to feel happy and fulfilled. When we can trust this voice without a shadow of a doubt, we can live in an expanded state of awareness, where creativity flows, happiness shows and health glows.

L.I.F.E with Rachel  has been born, from a place of compassion, deep love and appreciation for the wonder of LIFE and the finite time that we are granted to be apart of it.

I wish I had had someone to help me understand what to do when life felt like it was going in the wrong direction, when I listened to the voices of others, rather than trusting my own. Now I know, I don’t need anyone else’s voice, I simply trust my own. Anyone can learn how to do this. This is FREEDOM.

If you feel challenged and your happiness is being compromised in some way, then join me now to learn how you can master your mind and design a new reality and way of being, that supports the creation of your most compelling wishes.

YOU CAN create what you would like more of in your life in a positive way, faster than you thought possible, when you know how to master your mind.

YOU CAN set yourself free from the limitations of your mind. There are simple truths that lie hidden from your view, that when you tap in to them, can transform how you think, feel and interact with the world around you.

You are so much more that what you think you are.

My intention is to always be 100% transparent and to coach others to receive results to the same if not higher level than I achieve consistently, every day.

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