Rachel Brown

Digital Skills Tutor and SCAMchampion

Digital Skills Tutor and SCAMchampion Photo

Primarily I work as a Member Pioneer Coordinator for The Co-Op.  I support and mentor Member Pioneers who are all working within their local communities to make a difference to peoples lives.
This job connects to WiRE as I am working remotely and managing my tasks and responsibilities within my own boundaries so I understand the benefits and pitfalls of lone working.

Alongside this, I deliver digital skills tutoring services, specialising in supporting people to make the most of modern day living by helping them to overcome fears and anxieties with new mobile devices and then teaching them what they need and/or want to know.

I work with people in their homes using their own technology to build a trusted relationship in order to break down the barriers and resistance to learning new skills.

As a SCAMchampion I have delivered free workshops in public spaces such as local libraries to facilitate open conversations regarding all types of scams.

In addition, I provide commercial digital media production services too.